November 6th, 2014

We love to read about ancient civilization all over the world, especially in the near East.
Here is an article and photos of the worlds oldest pair of pants:










November 6th, 2014

Yep, it’s true! Big brother is here.  The state of Louisiana has passed a law that forbids people who sell vintage , 2nd hand, & antique items from using cash when buying or selling. Even garage sales have to use a credit card or debit card. I doubt anyone will follow this law since it’s so stupid. I hope no other states follow suit. Maybe the ACLU will help take it down. We can only hope!


For more info here is a link to a news report on this subject:











March 11th, 2013

vintage clothing for men , women and kids

We have decided to extend our sale for one more week! SEE THE WHATS NEW PAGE FOR ALL THE DETAILS





March 11th, 2013

I’m Brigitte, the owner of Posh Girl Vintage. This blog is mainly a fashion blog but since we all have other interests in addition to fashion I write about many subjects.  I not only write about vintage & contemporary clothing & fashion but anything else I think is interesting, important, fun or helpful like how to clean your vintage clothing, style news, entertainment,  products we love or hate & things to do, but also health and nutrition is also important to me. I’ve been studying nutrition for 20 years. I also have Aspergers, a form of Autism…  AKA High Functioning Autism. So I write about Aspergers especially women with Aspergers because there is so little info out there for us. I hope it’s helpful.
I was born and grew up here in Los Angeles.  I’m a little older now and definitely wiser. I was a teenage punk rock brat in the late 1980’s.  I used to have a long mohawk just like the singer in Bow Wow Wow. One of my favorite outfits was  a 1950’s white puffy tulle prom dress I wore with black combat boots and a leather jacket. Any holes the dress had were “sewn” together with safety pins.  My friends & I hung out at the famous club in Hollywood called the Starwood, now closed, to see live bands like The Weirdos,  Alice Bags, FEAR,  X ,  Black Flag, Checkered Past, etc…I even snuck in once to see Motley Crue there a very long time ago! I know not punk rock but I loved them anyway! Just down the street I auditioned for a movie called Suburbia along with Flea from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, who was in a band called FEAR at the time. There were many other punk kids there too. Penelope Spheeris  directed  it. She saw me at a club one night and asked me to com in and read for the part of Bobby Brat. The character was cut, of course.
I made my own clothing during this time,  sifting through thrift stores then changing and sewing them to make my own outfits. The punk rock style was,  at the time,  not accepted like it is now. I lived in a group home in Los Angeles near Disney Land, when I was 14 where they taught me to become legally emancipated about a year later. So partly it was economics that fueled my thrift store shopping but I fell in love with it. I had no idea at the time it would help pave the way for my current business.
I made quite a few mistakes after I was emancipated but eventually I figured it out.  When I was 18  I was offered to model so I worked part time as a model & actress for Olivia Debarardinis, Helmut Newton, The Playboy Channel , David Perry, some fetish clothing catalog work and others.  I loved a lot of what I did , especially the Olivia work, but some stuff was just a paycheck and a means to pay for college. I  knew I had something wrong… that I was different, but I was not diagnosed with Aspergers until I was in my 30’s. I didn’t think I could do anything but model for many years.  Being the nerd I am, I became fascinated with cameras,  light meters and stuff while I was on set. I asked a lot of questions and learned how to assist and be a photographer.
When I grew up I realized that I was smart enough to go to school and learn to start a business and that modeling was not my only options. It turned out my IQ was well above average which is why they call it ” high functioning”.  We are very bright but communication is not our strong point. Sheldon on The Big Bang Theory must have Aspergers. I see myself in him often. I really relate to that show!
I strive to have not only the best vintage clothing collection but also to have the most honest and helpful store online. We have only 2 people here so you will get personal attention and I love to go looking for things people want… a personal shopper! Posh Girl Vintage Clothing Boutique is a special collection of well made & beautiful hand picked vintage clothing and accessories for men & women.
Rescuing animals, helping abused & foster kids, & dealing with Autism are all non fashion related things that are important to me so I’m going to keep that mission. We donate money and volunteer at many organizations that help kids and animals. We post about those things too from time to time. We also have many rescued dogs &  kitties.
Feel free to email us and say HI and send any links or info you think we might like to share!
Please be polite. You might not agree with all of our posts, which is fine, we might even learn something new from you if you’re polite. Sadly there are some people who hide behind their emails and are rude and nasty for no reason. Rude comments will just be ignored and deleted.
Have a great day!


June 18th, 2012

Free shipping sale at posh girl vintage clothing shop.


NEW STOCK: Dresses, hats, handbags, wedding dresses.

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Sale ends June 22 2012


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  4. You’ll then see the order total change to free shipping.
  5. Finish checking out and payment.

Women & Girls: Stop Being Jealous Of Other Girls!

May 31st, 2012

“confidence is not a crime. It does not mean a girl is a bitch or a slut, or thinks she’s better than you. It just means that she likes herself. And personally, I don’t wanna live in a world where any girl with healthy self-esteem is labeled a whore, or where you have to dislike yourself to be considered a nice person.” –Tavi Gevinson


May 30th, 2012

I don’t know much about Tavi Gevinson yet but stumbling across her TED video sure made me want to take the time to learn. I’m a huge TED freak. I have that APP on every gadget I own and Tivo the show too. I can’t get enough of those amazing talks. I was lucky enough to stumble across her TED video  while on TED watching another talk.
I knew her name from my fashion interests but never took her seriously since she was so young. Boy was I wrong to do that. She gives me hope.  I thought most all teen girls now a days just wanted to be some vacuous porn star with big fake boobs or, god forbid, Snookie.  Then I see this adorable girl who actually has a brain & artistic style. I wish I was 1/2 as together as she is when I was her age! She must have an amazing family behind her that supports her education and artistic endeavors. How lucky she is for that too!
Below is her TED Teens video. I want to only post positive things on my blog and this girl fits right in.

Humphrey Bogart’s boat ‘African Queen’ saved from scrapheap

May 2nd, 2012

I stumbled across this story on CNN and was so happy to see this amazing boat was saved. It’s a shame how irreplaceable pieces of history like this get lost over time.

It’s a crime that there’s not a Hollywood  History museum here in Los Angeles with items like this in it. I know Debbie Reynolds tried to open one with her amazing collection of props and costumes but she couldn’t get it accomplished for some reason I do not know. What a great tourist attraction this would be. Something our economy desperately needs too!

Below is the entire story from CNN:


(CNN) — The historic vessel which provided the setting for Humphrey Bogart’s only Oscar winning performance has been resurrected from the scrapheap by a movie-loving Florida couple. READ FULL STORY HERE



December 15th, 2011

We’re in the middle of updating this blog and doing end of the year maintenance on it and the PGV website. Taking down old clothing items and putting up new stuff! So they will be under construction for a bit and looking a bit unpolished. Working just fine though. HAPPY HOLIDAYS & Merry Christmas!

BIG Changes at Posh Girl Vintage

October 26th, 2011

BIG Changes at Posh Girl Vintage

  • Under New Management
  • Now Accepting Paypal
  • New Website Redesign
  • A ton of new clothing!

We’d like to introduce you to Emma. She’s the new manager here at Posh Girl Vintage.

She started out as the talent behind Posh Girls new web site makeover heading up all the art work as well as the website coding and shopping improvements. She has since decided to take over running Posh Girl after falling in love with vintage fashion and of course our great collection we have here. Brigitte had to step down due to health issues so Emma was the perfect fit. So much love and passion for well made vintage clothing has gone into Posh Girl Vintage, we didn’t want just anyone taking over. Emma could not be a better choice!

Emma’s background is art, mostly graphic design & photography. She hails from Oklahoma where she went to school, but has also lived & studied in New York, San Francisco, and a brief stint in Vegas working as a black jack dealer.

Photography, art museums, and fashion are her main obsessions along with her little weenie dog Mildred.

She’ll be handling all the customer service from now on so if you have any questions please feel free to email her: