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70’s vintage clothing: Style Mix

Wednesday, November 26th, 2008

Here’s another 1970’s vintage clothing style mix all from Posh Girl Vintage:

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Vintage Clothing Cleaning Tips

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

I’ll be adding a page on Posh Girl soon with lots of detailed help for cleaning vintage clothing but right now I wanted to list a few essentials to help with cleaning or getting out old stains.

Many times I come across some of the cutest vintage dresses or other vintage clothing items I’ve ever seen and then I see something awful on it like armpit stains or a big yellow spot in the front. I want to cry but I don’t always give up.

The 1st most important rule is NEVER dry clean vintage clothing from the 1930’s or older!!! I have seen so many people who’ve taken their 20’s flapper silk or velvet dresses to be cleaned and they come back shredded. They’re just too fragile… Don’t do it. Hand wash (depending on fabric) on a case by case basis or just spot clean.
Vintage clothing from the 40’s are usually ok to dry clean, in my experience, especially since that crepe rayon shrinks like crazy but again, on a case by case situation. If the fabric & seams are not too delicate.

–Whenever I possibly can I always hand wash my clothing. Nothing cleans better than water. I have even washed satin, cotton velvet, and fancy prom dresses very successfully. I always send clothing out to be dry cleaned but if that does not work then I do it by hand. Then I will send the clothing back out to be pressed only.
Especially if I have nothing to lose and it’s not wearable or sell able unless the spot is removed. Always test to see if color will run or shrink. Silk chiffon always shrinks so spot clean only. If you hand wash, my best cleaning secret is the Clorox bleach pen. I even use that on some colors believe it or not. I used it once on a pink velvet dress to get out coffee stains that nothing else would and believe it or not it took the stain out without lightening the pink. It’s a weird thing but sometimes it works but sometimes it doesn’t. It works almost always on armpit stains on white fabric and sometimes on light pinks and yellow fabrics too. I always test inside first to see how it will react. A few times it actually made the stain worse so make sure to test. It’s great for prints with white. You can lighten up in small areas without touching the color.

I also use the rust remover & other spot cleaner liquid in the yellow bottles by Carbona.

–Another option if you can not get a stain out is fabric dye and fabric pens. They come in all colors and many times will match the color of the dress or items fabric and you will not be able to tell at all if the spot is small & lighter than the fabric color.

These are just a few tips for now. I hope they help.

Vintage Clothing Kate Moss Mix

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008

This vintage clothing & modern designer clothing mix was done by a girl on… We love that site… So much fun! She used our 1950’s vintage black leather opera length gloves for this sexy Kate Moss mix. We love mixing vintage clothing with modern pieces, especially designer clothing & dresses. This mix is a great example.

vintage clothing designer fashion

vintage designer clothing Mix

Vintage Clothing Glamour Mix: At The Pool

Tuesday, November 11th, 2008
Vintage clothing Beach Wear

Vintage clothing beach Wear

We chose some glamorous vintage clothing pieces here. The very Marilyn Monroe style bathing suit, and our favorite vintage 50’s hat that’s very big and so hard to find! 1950’s Metallic pink spring-o-later stilettos, vintage sunglasses in white pearl, and of course a vintage diamond bracelet! All for sale at Posh Girl

Vintage 70’s Clothing: Casual Style Mix

Friday, November 7th, 2008

vintage clothing 1970's

Here at Posh Girl we love 70’s vintage clothing especially maxi dresses!

These vintage clothing 1970’s pieces are all for sale at Posh girl vintage. The wedge Cherokee vintage high heel shoes are too cute for words! The 70’s vintage play suit works so well with the accessories and not real easy to find so cute. It zips in the front with elastic in the back of the waist for a sexy fit. The Lou Taylor 70’s bag and big metal late 60’s vintage necklace tops the look off. Vintage big Sunglasses and a hat works great too for the summer.

Vintage Clothing: Late 60’s Style Mix

Friday, November 7th, 2008
60's vintage clothing

vintage clothing

Here we were going for that late 60’s rich hippie look. The dress is a late 60’s designer dress with crochet inserts…very sexy! Paired with a big black leather Furla bag & matching black leather vintage boots. Would also look great with a pair of vintage platform shoes from the 70’s. The fitted vintage leopard print coat is from the late 60’s. That style is flattering with the fitted waist and double breasted closure. Last but not least is the black late 60’s early 70’s fedora… So Alecia Keyes!