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Monday, March 11th, 2013

vintage clothing for men , women and kids

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Monday, June 18th, 2012

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Antique Clothing – Fashion

Monday, October 18th, 2010

More from the LACMA exhibit:

The empire waist is one of my favorite styles. It was also very popular during the 60’s, when the modern version of the Grecian neoclassical look had a big come back. These photos don’t do this dress justice (none do really). The fabric was so delicate & the details on the bodice don’t show up enough in the photos but they’re stunning.

I’d love to see or know more about when & where the women would wear these fine white dresses. They must have gotten so dirty with that train on the ground. If I come across any more info I will add it here or if anyone knows more I’d love to post your comment.

LACMA antique dress & shawl

Antique dress, bag and shawl

Antique dress, bag and shawl

Info on antique dress and clothing

Mighty Mend It Review- Clothing Repair

Monday, February 9th, 2009

As a vintage clothing seller I’m forever repairing the vintage clothing I sell. It feels like 1/2 my life is spent with a needle and thread in hand. I don’t want the clothing to be badly done so I’m always trying new things out to see how they work & if I can save some time and have a better repair. The majority of the time I send the clothing out to be professionally repaired but for the very small things that aren’t worth sending out I do them myself. I recently bought and tried Mighty Mend It after seeing those very persuasive commercials on TV. I thought I’d pass along my experience to you guys to try to help you save some money.

I tried it out on scrap fabrics first, as I always do with cleaning products, dye’s and other things that I intend to use on my vintage clothes. I used it on a variety of vintage fabrics, brocade, cottons, rayons, velvets, leather, and even denim. It doesn’t perform exactly as they say.  You can’t wash it in hot water, and dry cleaning fluids disolve it. It’s also not immediate. You must wait at least 2 hours before wearing. It does work but it’s only good for a temporary fix. It did not hold up on leather at all. It’s also very expensive. You can find a number of other products at Joanne’s or Michael’s that does the exact same thing at a fraction of the cost. They also will not return your money if you’re not happy. They will only replace it, but why would you want more if you don’t like it? As of now I think nothing will take the place of the trusy needle and thread. So in the end I don’t give it a thumbs up or down… Just a not great rating.

Vintage Clothing: Late 60’s Style Mix

Friday, November 7th, 2008
60's vintage clothing

vintage clothing

Here we were going for that late 60’s rich hippie look. The dress is a late 60’s designer dress with crochet inserts…very sexy! Paired with a big black leather Furla bag & matching black leather vintage boots. Would also look great with a pair of vintage platform shoes from the 70’s. The fitted vintage leopard print coat is from the late 60’s. That style is flattering with the fitted waist and double breasted closure. Last but not least is the black late 60’s early 70’s fedora… So Alecia Keyes!