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Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

To continue on my last post about What Queen Wore. Here’s a photo of the band Queen from the early 1970’s. Roger’s wearing the coolest black leather shirt jacket, a lot like this one we had, shown here without it’s belt. It also was made in England. The label read: “Ian Mankin, Made In England, Eric Ross & Co”. We’ve also had a few of those floppy hippie hats like Roger’s wearing. Then there’s Brian May ( genius extraordinaire ) wearing a classic pinstripe 1940’s style jacket. We’ve had many of these over the years & always will. These pinstripe jackets & suits will look amazing forever & ever, they just simply do not go out of style…ever!





Tuesday, March 28th, 2017

I’m a huge Queen fan! But I especially LOVE Freddie Mercury. He was/is the sexiest man ever… in my opinion. I’m not sure yet if past lives are real but if they are, I must have been a gay man in one of my past lives. Freddie has that magical charisma that I know still lives on, it’s just not in his old packaging. He’s still in the multiverse somewhere!  I also love most of the clothes he & the other guys of Queen used to wear in the early days. The 1970’s were one of the coolest & sexiest decades for clothing & oh how I’d LOVE to own a T-shirt or jacket that Freddie or one of the guys used to wear!

After looking online one day at some old photos of Queen & the 1970’s, I noticed that I had a few pieces of vintage clothing in my shop that looked a lot like or exactly like, some of the clothing Queen wore in these old photos. Especially the black & ivory floral jacket & the black spandex pants I saw Freddie wearing in many different photos. Also, Roger -I love his sense of humor & evil little laugh – looks amazing in a black leather shirt jacket that’s in another pic (I’ll post it next). So I picked out some clothing items from my shop & put them together below with a few old photos of Queen & Freddie.

I send out a big THANK YOU & lots of LOVE to you Freddie, where ever you are!
















PS… I want to mention a cute blog I stumbled across while researching for this post. I had this idea before I saw this blog, but since we had very similar ideas I want to make sure to give them a nod. I really like what they did: What Freddie Wore.

Omega-3s May Prevent Full-Blown Schizophrenia

Monday, August 17th, 2015

In order to look good in our vintage clothing we have to feel good. I’ve been studying nutrition obsessively ever since I found out I have Aspergers. I used to have a terrible time with panic attacks but through changing my diet to a low acid diet, they’re all but gone. If I go off my healthy diet, then they return!

If you have a doctor who’s still stuck in the 80’s and tells you they’re caused by stress, go find a new doctor right away & do not look back! This is old & way out dated belief by doctors who just simply don’t know anything about it and this is their way of not admitting they are too lazy to research it. In this day and age there’s no excuse for a doctor not to know it’s a physical problem.

I will write a post about anxiety in detail later but I came across this article about Omega 3s and had to pass it along. Omegas are part of what I use in my diet to combat anxiety. The entire B vitamin group is essential too but Omegas are amazing! I found this article from LIVE one of my all time favorite websites.

Here’s a link to this article on their website:


Omega-3 fatty acids may prevent the development of full-blown schizophrenia in people who are at high risk of the disease, new research suggests.

What’s more, omega-3s seemed to prevent the study participants from developing psychosis for several years after people stopped taking them, according to the study.

The findings suggest a possible treatment for people at risk of developing this notoriously difficult-to-treat condition, the researchers said. Currently, people with schizophrenia are treated with antipsychotic medications, but the drugs don’t work for everyone, have side effects, and typically have to be taken for life, meaning they aren’t suitable for people who have some symptoms, but no diagnosis of schizophrenia.

“There may be alternatives to antipsychotic medication in treating and preventing the onset of psychotic disorder,” said study co-author Dr. G. Paul Amminger, a psychiatrist at the University of Melbourne in Australia. “Omega-3 fatty acids are basically a stigma-free and even longer-term preventive strategy with minimal associated risks and side effects.” [6 Foods That Are Good for Your Brain]

However, the study was relatively small, so follow-up work is needed to confirm the findings, Amminger said.

Omega 3 and the brain

Omega-3 fatty acids are commonly found in foods such as fatty fish, eggs and walnuts, and several early studies suggested the compounds may quiet inflammation in the body. Some research has found that omega-3s improve heart health and chronic conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and depression. (However, a large, recent study of omega-3s showed they failed to improve heart health, according to findings published in 2014 in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.)

People with schizophrenia often have high levels of inflammatory chemicals in their body, but low levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood. Amminger and his team wondered whether brain inflammation partly causes schizophrenia, and so they decided to test whether giving omega-3 supplements, such as fish oil, could help prevent inflammation and thereby stop schizophrenia from developing in the first place.

The researchers recruited 81 teenagers and young adults who were at high risk of developing full-blown psychosis within a year. The youngsters, who were between ages 13 and 25, all had some of the earliest symptoms of schizophrenia. For instance, some were hearing voices or hallucinating, but these symptoms lasted at most a few days. Others were having delusions that someone was trying to harm them, but they were able to quickly disregard those fleeting thoughts. (About 30 percent of adolescents and young adults with such symptoms will go onto develop clinical schizophrenia or psychosis, Amminger said.)

Half of the group took an omega-3-rich fish oil supplement for 12 weeks, while the other half received a placebo pill that was laced with a tiny hint of fish oil. The team followed the study participants for seven years.

Just 10 percent of the patients who took the fish oil supplement developed schizophrenia, compared with 40 percent of the patients in the control group, the researchers found.

The study was fairly small and it’s not clear why the omega-3s may have benefited the patients, but one possibility is that the compounds interrupted the cascade of inflammatory chemicals at just the right stage of the disease.

“One explanation is it puts you on a different developmental trajectory,” Amminger told Live Science. “So when you are able to interrupt this cascade, which leads to a full threshold psychotic disorder, it seems you don’t experience the same amount of risk.”

Because most high-risk patients do not go on to develop schizophrenia, doctors typically don’t prescribe a low-dose antipsychotic to people experiencing these types of symptoms, Amminger said. Antipsychotics are effective, but cause weight gain, high cholesterol, and diabetes, Amminger said.

By contrast, omega-3 supplements have few known side effects, Amminger said.

Still, follow-up work needs to confirm the findings. A handful of other studies are evaluating omega-3 supplementation and its effect on schizophrenia, so those can provide a more definitive answer, Amminger added.

The findings were published today (Aug. 11) in the journal Nature Communications.

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Monday, March 11th, 2013

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Monday, June 18th, 2012

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Women & Girls: Stop Being Jealous Of Other Girls!

Thursday, May 31st, 2012

“confidence is not a crime. It does not mean a girl is a bitch or a slut, or thinks she’s better than you. It just means that she likes herself. And personally, I don’t wanna live in a world where any girl with healthy self-esteem is labeled a whore, or where you have to dislike yourself to be considered a nice person.” –Tavi Gevinson

BIG Changes at Posh Girl Vintage

Wednesday, October 26th, 2011

BIG Changes at Posh Girl Vintage

  • Under New Management
  • Now Accepting Paypal
  • New Website Redesign
  • A ton of new clothing!

We’d like to introduce you to Emma. She’s the new manager here at Posh Girl Vintage.

She started out as the talent behind Posh Girls new web site makeover heading up all the art work as well as the website coding and shopping improvements. She has since decided to take over running Posh Girl after falling in love with vintage fashion and of course our great collection we have here. Brigitte had to step down due to health issues so Emma was the perfect fit. So much love and passion for well made vintage clothing has gone into Posh Girl Vintage, we didn’t want just anyone taking over. Emma could not be a better choice!

Emma’s background is art, mostly graphic design & photography. She hails from Oklahoma where she went to school, but has also lived & studied in New York, San Francisco, and a brief stint in Vegas working as a black jack dealer.

Photography, art museums, and fashion are her main obsessions along with her little weenie dog Mildred.

She’ll be handling all the customer service from now on so if you have any questions please feel free to email her:



Sunday, July 3rd, 2011

We just started adding some new vintage dresses that will be perfect for a wedding. Dating from 40’s to the 60’s. These are just a few examples of the vintage wedding dresses we have on the way. Non traditional styles too.

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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011

new vintage clothing at posh girl

Cool Website

Friday, April 8th, 2011

I love the name of this website, and they picked us as one of their favorite vintage clothing stores!

It’s in German but the photos and links are from all over the world.
Art, fashion, and more…