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I LOVE your vintage clothing but so many things I want are sold. How do I get in on it?  Our clothing, dresses especially, sell out faster than we can list. Many times within minutes of listing them. We add new items several times a week as well as COMING SOON items so people can see what's coming down the pike. The best way to see clothing as soon as they go up is to regularly check the NEW ARRIVALS page & read the What's New page. Here we tell you before hand, when we'll be updating the site & what we're working on. Sometimes we even list secret discount codes only on this page so if you don't read the What's New page you won't ever know about the discount!
If you see some vintage clothing you like that says SOLD or COMING SOON, email us with the exact name & item #. We make waiting lists for our clothing. We'll get the Coming Soon's listed ASAP & send you an email. Sometimes SOLD items are on Lay Away & the person doesn't complete it, or it might get returned, or payments fall through once in a while so we'll email you if this happens.
If a SOLD item is moved to the Gone But Not Forgotten section, there's not a good chance of it becoming available again but it's not impossible. -- We, nor any other vintage/antique online store, can remove all SOLD items from the site so please don't email us about this.

How Can I See Your Items Before They're Sold? It is first come first serve here but the best chance is our RSS feed you can subscribe to that will have our new items come to you instead of you having to go to the site to see them. Click on this small orange square icon next to the blue Twitter icons on the home page & on the New Arrivals page:    
How It Works: It's easy  1- click on the orange Icon link 2- you'll be taken to the RSS page where you select your feed service from the drop down menu  3 - click subscribe now. - Your feed service (yahoo, Google, etc.) will ask you to confirm. Once you do, the feed will automatically show up whenever you go to your home page within the service. So for example, whenever I go to "My Yahoo",  I see a list of our new products right in the web browser.

How Can I Get A Sold Dress?  We make waiting lists for our clothing. If you see some vintage clothing you like that says SOLD email us with the exact name & item #.  Sometimes SOLD items are on Lay-A-Way & the person doesn't complete it, or it might get returned, or payments fall through once in a while. We'll email you if this happens. If a SOLD item is moved to the Gone But Not Forgotten section, there's not a good chance of it becoming available again but we always look for similar ones & might have them in our warehouse.

Why do you leave sold items on the site?  We leave them up for about 30 or more days to accommodate returns, Lay-A-Ways etc. Some SOLD items are actually on Lay-A-Way so they will stay up until they are shipped, and some layaways fall through so the item will get relisted. Then when we know for sure they're not coming back we will move them to the back, then to the Gone But Not Forgotten section, for reference, & we delete some. Most people prefer to see what kind of items we have had so they can get ideas of what they want to look for, also hundreds of our dresses are linked to the social bookmarking sites like Linked In & Style Hive, & Facebook. We promise it's not to torture you! -- We, nor any other vintage/antique online store, can remove ALL sold items from a website so please do not email about this.

What hours do you work? We work regular business hours Monday Through Fri 9am to 5pm west coast time, & some Saturdays. We're very good about answering emails quickly, within hours if not minutes. We check email frequently and all day but on occasion when we do photo shoots or on weekends we do not get to them right away but don't worry we will get back to you ASAP.

What is the best way to contact you? Do you have a phone #? Email and ichat support is currently how we communicate. We do not have a phone # at this time. We reply to emails within minutes or the same day at the longest.  Our ichat name is: poshgirlvintage - Whenever we're not in a photo shoot or on a shopping trip we're available on ichat for instant help during business hours.

Are you open on holidays? You can always place orders 24/7 all year long. We celebrate Christmas, Thanksgiving all other traditional holidays. Emails are always answered in a timely manner, within minutes & occasionally a couple hours. Shipping will be stopped during major holidays. We always put the details on the What's New page. Please let us know if you need your order by a certain date so we can make arrangements to ship it before we go.

Why do some items say "Coming Soon" & when will they be available for sale?  Clothing items with "Coming Soon" under them are the latest items we're working on. We add as many as possible a few times a week so you can see what's on the way. If you email us with the exact names of the items you're interested in, we'll get it up ASAP for you & email you right after. Occasionally we'll find a flaw we missed during the photo shoot & send it back out to be repaired or cleaned so it may stay that way for as long as it takes to get ready for sale.

When do you update & add new stuff?  At least 2 times per week. To see a list of all new clothing items added in the last 7 days, click on the NEW ARRIVALS link on the home page or the What's New page.

Can you email me whenever you list new stuff?  We have 2 ways to get our new items:  RSS feed & our news letter you can join on the top right hand corner of every page by entering your email address. We can't personally email everyone every time we list new stuff because we do it several times a week. We can, however, email you when a coming soon item is made available for sale. Just email us with the exact name(s) & as soon as they're ready we'll shoot ya an email right after they get listed.

Do you have a newsletter? 
We sure do! On the top right hand corner of the website there's a box for you to add your email address. It will add you to our mailing list. We send out newsletters a few times a year or whenever we have a sale or a really big update. We don't send them out every single time we add new clothing because we add new stuff so often.

Do You Have An RSS Feed? Yes we do. The little orange square on the home page & the New Arrival page. It will send all of our new items to you instead of you having to come to us.

Do you ever have sales?
Yes we do... a few times a year. The only 2 ways to find out about them is to either read the What's New page & it will have all the details. Or join our newsletter (see instructions above). Sometimes we'll have secret unadvertised sales that only our newsletter subscribers will know about. We'll put a secret code in the newsletter for you to enter at checkout & it will take off a percentage of the total. Also once in a while we will put a discount code on the What's New page without sending out the newsletter so if you don't read the Whats New page you will never know about the discount.

What is the Wish List buttons I see on your site? It allows you to make a list of, & have easy access to, your favorite items on Posh Girl Vintage even though you aren't ready to buy them just yet. You can also make a birthday or Christmas wish list and send them out to family & friends so they know what to get you. Just click on the Add to Wish List button to add the dress or other items to your list. It doesn't hold the items or keep others from buying them, but it's a great way to keep track of your favorite dresses & other stuff you want. You can even add Sold items to watch in case they get re listed (ask us about sold stuff so we can give you the latest info on it).

Do you ever get more than one of a particular dress? Most of the time vintage clothing is one of a kind but on a few rare occasions we have found another one. You can let us know what item(s) you want & we'll email you if they get returned &/or we find another one. You can also add them to your Wish List to easily keep track of the things you want. If it gets re listed you can easily find it by just looking at your list.

Where are you located & can I come over & try things on?  We do not have a brick & mortar location at this time. We sell online only from Los Angeles Cal. USA and we do not have people come over to try on clothing, sorry.

The color I see on my computer is different than what you describe, why?
Every computer monitor is different and most are not calibrated to be accurate so we describe the clothing fabric & color as best we can since we can't control what everyone sees on their computer screen. Our monitors and cameras are as professionally accurate as possible but that is not any guarantee. But it's pretty close to what you see most likely. If your super picky about the exact shade you just have to see it in person and if it's not right for you you can always return your clothing.

I click on your photos but they don't open up, why?
Usually the photos pop up in front of your browser window but depending on which browser you're using (example: Safari, Explorer, etc..) & it's settings they may be behind your browser or maybe you have blocked them somehow. Try another browser if all else fails.

Can I request a particular kind of dress or item? 
Sure can...You can tell us what you're looking for & we'll see if we have something like it in the warehouse. We have at least 1000 vintage clothing items at any given time. If we do, we'll add it in to our next photo shoot for the next update but we can't pre-sell items before they get listed for everyone & we can't keep track of your exact sizes, we're just too busy sorry. But we will try to get as close as possible. Also sending us a photo of what you're looking for is helpful. We'll also keep our eyes out when shopping. We do try to shop for our customers too.

What are all of your policies on orders & returns etc?
  To read all about our policies go here: Term of Service, How to Order & Return Policies.  The links are always at the bottom of every page.

What's the best way to find exactly what I'm looking for on your site, you have so much stuff? Yes we do but it's easy... There are 2 ways to do it: All vintage clothing is listed in alphabetical order so if you want to look by decade just go to the clothing category you want and all the decades are together or Just click on the SEARCH link  on the top left corner of every page on the site. Type in any keywords you're looking for, example: "plus size" or "hippie" or "Pucci" etc... you don't need the quote marks in the search box. It will pull up any clothing items with that word in the title &/or description. There are other parameters too like decades & price range if you want to narrow it down. Still don't find what you want? Shoot us an email & we'll keep an eye out or look in the warehouse to see if we have it.


What currency do you accept?  We're in the USA so we only accept American dollars. We do have a currency converter to help you on every page. -  see below for info. on foreign ordering

Do you hold items?  No, sorry. We can't do that. It ties up the stock for others who are sure they want it. We tried that in the beginning but found that people abused it & didn't pay for the items so we had to stop doing it. You can use layaway though. Leaving an Item in your cart does not hold the item. It's not marked sold until you officially pay for it.

How do I place a US order?
  Just use the Add To Bag button on the items page, then when you have all of the items you want in your shopping bag click on the daisy check out button & follow the directions. See the How To Order page for all the details. Please make sure you complete the instructions, if you do not get an automated confirmation then the order did not go through. When paying by snail mail we must have a VALID tracking # within 2 days or the order gets canceled & made available for others.

I Put An Item In My Shopping Cart But Now It says Sold, What happened?
  Placing a dress or other item in your shopping cart does not take it off the site for others to buy. Some people think by placing an item in their cart no one else can buy it, but that's not the case. Until you actually check out & submit your paid order all items are still available for sale to all. Whom ever clicks on the SUBMIT ORDER button first will get the item held for them.

When you have a sale how do I get the sale price?  After you place the clothing items you want in your shopping cart & are ready to pay, click on the CHECK OUT button, there will be a box for you to enter/type in the coupon code of the sale (example code: FLOWER).  The total order must be $100 or more to get the discount, after you enter the code it will automatically take the sale amount (example: 15%) off of your order total & you will see it reflected in your cart before you officially pay. That's it...easy! Sale does NOT apply if you pay with International Checkout.

Is your shopping cart & site secure/Safe?
  Absolutely! We have a processor through Wells Fargo & Verisign, it's very secure.  Look on your browser to see the locked icon before you enter your card info. We also have a SSL certificate through Go Daddy.com which is one of the top security certificates available.

Do you sell or give out my email address?
No way!! We hate spam too and do not give anyone access to your info... ever! We do not store credit card info in any way, only the bank has it, so it's safe.

What payment methods do you accept?
  We try to have as many options as possible for everyone. We accept:
  • Visa & Master card, American Express, & Discover
  • www.Western Union.com - wire transfers (this is easiest & fastest way for foreign orders)
  • Money Gram 
  • Paper Checks -  they have to be verified & clear bank for about 2 weeks before we ship.
  • Money Orders - they have to be verified & clear bank for about 2 weeks before we ship.
  • Well concealed US cash sent by registered mail.
  • For international credit card & PAYPAL orders (except Canada- Canada cards we accept directly) you will use International Checkout: www.internationalcheckout.com/
See the How To Order page for all the details.

IMPORTANT: Payments made with western union, money orders, or paper checks must be sent within 2 days of placing order & must provide us with a valid tracking #.

Do you have Lay-A-Way?  Yes we do!  

We have 2 lay-A-way plans for orders $200.00 & over & $500.00 & over.

1 - $200.00 & over: Pay half of the total order when you place the order & the balance in 30 days or sooner.
2 - $500.00 & over: You can have up to 60 days to pay 1/3 up front on day of order & balance paid within 60 days.

If you do not complete the layaway sale all deposits are applied to a store credit to use later - good forever - but less a 15% restock fee.
  •  All items put on Lay-A-Way are not returnable/final sale (so please be sure it's the correct size).
  • You can have a maximum of 3 items at a time on layaway and only 1 layaway order at a time per customer.
  • We can not change or exchange the items in the order once it's placed.  Sorry no exceptions, it holds up stock for us & for others who really want the clothing.
  • We do not charge any fees for lay aways unless you do not complete the sale.
  • Please read the How To Order page for all the details on how to start your layaway.
Sorry but Lay-A-Way is not available for International Checkout users.

How Do I Use My Store Credit?
Store credits are good forever & if there's something specific you're looking for  we make a real effort to go out & try to find it if we don't have it in our warehouse. Like your own personal shopper!  

    1.    Log into your account first. To use a store credit for the 1st time, put items in your cart then click on the daisy checkout button that will take you to the payment option page on your order. 
    2.    Enter your redemption code in the box marked "Gift Certificate / Store Credit" (The Discount Coupon box is for sales).  You only need to enter a code one time. Store credits work like a checking account. When you redeem it that means you deposited the money into your Posh Girl Store Credit account... It's cash money in your PGV bank. Then click on the update button with the flower and it will add your money to your account& will show you your available balance below it.
    3.    To use Store Credit funds already in your account: Type the dollar amount you wish to apply to your order in the box that says 'Apply Amount' (The apply amount box only shows up when you have money in your store credit account). You do not need to click the UPDATE button.
    4.    Then choose a payment method:  If your balance is more than what you have in your store credit account you can pay it with a card or Paypal, etc.  
    5.    IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH OF A STORE CREDIT TO PAY THE ENTIRE ORDER click MONEY ORDER button as payment method. This is the same as saying you do not need any other payment added on to your order.
    6.    Next click the Terms & Condition box after you read our policies (Please make sure you read our return & other policies so there's no surprises later on) .
    7.    Lastly  click the Confirm Order button to apply the funds to your order. Credit amount will show on your order receipt where the total & shipping charges are.

We really want you to be happy so If there are any questions or somethings not clear please email us so we can help.


I'm not in the USA, how do I place an order?
  If you live outside of the USA, you have a few options on how to pay:

For Canada: Canada is the same as USA methods. We accept Canadian credit cards directly (just use the shopping cart check out button)

For all countries:
  • We accept UK Paypal
  • We accept western union, travelers checks, money gram, or US cash sent registered mail, & credit cards, UK Paypal.
-ALL FOREIGN CREDIT CARDS & Paypal  are accepted through International Checkout, you need to click on the orange International Checkout button in the shopping cart when choosing your payment method -  Please email us & tell us which item you ordered through them so we can make sure it gets held for you - Int. Checkout places the order on your behalf so there is a little time in between your order & theirs. They are a 3rd party company similar to Paypal but they process foreign credit cards for us.

If you want to pay other than a credit card then use the daisy check out button & state your method of payment in the comment box. All money orders or travelers checks must clear for 14 days before we can ship the item & you must send us a valid tracking # within 2 days or we cancel the order - See the How To Order page for all the details.

  • If you pay through International Checkout your order is returnable if all tags are attached and it's in the mail within 3 days.  For fastest service send to our address.

What Is International Checkout? 
In order for us to be able to accept foreign credit cards (from a non US bank) we partnered with a trusted third party company called International Checkout. They verify our foreign orders. Similar to Paypal but for overseas shoppers. They place the order on your behalf & handle the shipping of your items (we ship it to them, they ship to you). Shipping charges are calculated by them only, we have no part in that process but please do contact us and tell us which item you ordered through them so we can make sure it gets held for you.
  • Just use the shopping cart as usual adding what you want to your bag then select the orange International Checkout button on checkout.
  • All international shipments processed thru International Checkout are subject to their terms and conditions. Posh Girl Vintage, LLC is not responsible for any claims arising from orders processed thru International Checkout.
  • If you have questions about your shipping charges or billing or to view their terms & conditions, you need to contact them directly. 
  • For sale discounts please email us for details.
  • For more info: http://www.internationalcheckout.com/


Can I return my order if I don't like it?
 Absolutely! Anything $100.00 & over is returnable for any reason at all, for store credit only as long as it is returned in the exact same condition we sent it in, along with all belts, & any other decorations or matching items that went with it. ALL TAGS MUST HAVE NOT BEEN REMOVED OR TAMPERED WITH (we document/photo all tags on the items). It needs to be post marked within 3 days of the date it was delivered to you. Please make sure you read the policies. Not reading them is not an excuse. See the Return Policy page link at the bottom of the site for all the details. We do not refund money unless the item you ordered is unavailable. If you pay through International Checkout  same rules apply.

 I don't want a store credit I only want my money back.
We only offer store credit with the exception of a few wedding dresses. The store credit is good forever & if there's something in particular you're looking for we take extra time for the people who have store credits, to actually go out & try to find it for you. Sorta like your own personal shopper. But sadly there's a rampant problem among all vintage stores of people buying the fancy dresses or other items, wearing them out for special events, then returning them. This policy protects us from that so it's not just to be difficult. It also helps keep prices down for everyone so you can afford that special dress. We don't make exceptions unless you received the wrong item & the item you ordered isn't available (which has never happened). Thank you for understanding.

Why are some dresses returnable for a refund & others are not?  On a very few select wedding dresses we offer a refund less a 10% restock fee, instead of a store credit because most brides have a budget only for their wedding dress & wedding dresses can be very expensive. We understand, even though a dress is gorgeous, it just might not feel right on so she may want to return it & keep looking for that special dress. So we offer this option of a few of the more expensive wedding / bridal dresses. They will be clearly marked on their product page.

I want to return my item but it's late! 
We're sometimes flexible on the late returns, it depends on the situation & circumstances if it's just a day or 2 but if you keep dresses/items over a weekend we can not accept the return. Sadly it's a rampant problem that people wear things out or use them for photo shoots & then try to return them, which is the same as stealing, so this is why we're so strict about this rule & have our policies. It's at our discretion. Please if you need to have a seamstress look at it arrange the apt. before the delivery or just walk it in for a consult, we can't accept too late of a return because of your tailor. Thanks for understanding!

But I didn't read your policies &/or I just don't care.
We created the Policies page, in addition to this FAQ's page so that you could be an informed vintage shopper & because without them all businesses would not be able to stay in business, it also helps keep the prices down... so it's not just to be difficult. Our time is valuable even if you don't think it is. It's your responsibility to read and understand our policies before you place your order - this goes for any online store, not just ours. If you didn't take the time to read our Policies or FAQ pages, it does not exempt you from the responsibility you have to read & agree to our terms before shopping on our site. If you don't like them you are free to shop anywhere you like. Placing an order with Posh Girl Vintage means you have read & agreed to all of our policies. You can't place an order until you state that you have read them all, & that legally binds you to them.

I only want to wear the dress once for a special occasion then return it for refund, can I? Nope. We don't rent clothing. Trying to do it without us knowing is against our policies & is considered stealing. It costs people allot of money & time. We've seen shops go under because of too much of this kind of fraud so we make it impossible for you to do that without our knowledge. Small businesses can't operate the same as large chain companies like Macy's.  If we feel you've done this, your refund will be denied. We photograph all tags and have other security measures before we put the items in the box.  If they're removed or even tampered with refund is denied. Please be considerate of others hard work & the wear & tear it takes on the vintage fabrics. Thank you.

A WARNING: Sadly there are a small percentage of dumb dumbs out there that purposely damage the item and then try to claim it was sent that way just to get out of our policies. We've been around along time and don't take kindly to fraud so we take extra precautions like photographing the inside and outside extensively along with notes kept attached to each item in our database from 2 to 3 people that go over each item to be sure of the condition.  If you don't like a stores policies please just don't shop there.

I bought a dress from you a while ago, do you buy back clothing?
Mostly no, but some dresses that we particularly like or we have a waiting list for, we may buy back, just email & ask. But keep in mind we don't rent clothing & we need to make a profit so it will be significantly less than you paid for it.

Can I return lingerie? Mostly No. This includes bra's, panties, etc...Does it touch your "intimate" areas? Then no.


Do you ship world wide? Yes we do! The buyer is responsible for all import fees or duties. Please make sure you know what to expect when ordering as we can not keep track of what all the other countries are charging. We insure all items and declare the value. Also please see the payment options for foreign orders above & on the How To Order Page.

I want to ship my order to an address other than the cards billing address, can I?  No, sorry.  Posh Girl Vintage practices strict fraud prevention policies. Our system is set up to automatically deny any card where the information you enter does not match the info on the cards account. We only ship to the address and name on the card & require a signature for delivery. We also reserve the right to refuse service or cancel any orders that appear suspicious or fraudulent at our discretion. Internet fraud is rampant so we try our best to protect everyone. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

How do you calculate the shipping costs? The shipping costs are based on the weight of the box & your zip code or country. Insurance is also added & that depends on how much the order costs. We ship USPS priority &/or Express with insurance. We do not pad the shipping price & only add a $4.00 handling fee. If you use International checkout then they calculate shipping fees, not us, please contact them for the details. There's a shipping estimator on the shopping cart page.

I want to know how much shipping is before I order?
If you're in the USA then look on the order / checkout page to see how much it is. The amount is there for you to see before you pay. If you are over seas & paying with International Checkout then they calculate shipping we do not, please contact them.  If you are overseas and paying with western union/ money order then the fees are also on the shopping cart/ checkout page so look there after you add the items to the cart to see. 

How fast do you ship?  We ship aprox 2 to 3 times per week, usually Thursday & Fri, but we really do try to get them out in 2 to 3 days or less & 99% of the time we do. We can ship Express overnight for an extra fee (choose this at checkout time) after payment clears. If you need something right away we will try our hardest to get it right out but we can't promise this as payments must be verified and completed first which takes about 24 hours and there's up to a 72 hour processing time on all orders. We ship first come first serve. We sometimes get slowed down during the holidays or if one of us is out sick, but if you put on your order, in the comment box, that you need it by a certain date we will try our hardest to get it there by then. You should choose express shipping too which is usually overnight or 2 days max (depending on your location) once it's in the mail. YOU MUST COMMUNICATE WITH US IF YOU NEED YOUR ORDER BY A CERTAIN DATE. OTHERWISE IT WILL GET PROCESSED IN THE ORDER IT WAS RECEIVED.

But I paid for Express Shipping?  We understand. We really do try our hardest to get items out in 24 hours after payment clears ( & we do 98% of the time) but if it's around the holidays or we get a ton of orders we may get slowed down. We ship in the order they're received (but we do give Express orders top priority) & we still have up to a 72 hour processing period before we ship, but we don't always need 72 hrs. That's a just in case. But once we do ship you will get it in 1 to 2 days depending on your zip.  Please remember we're a small family business. If you need it by a certain date please let us know we try extra hard for express orders.

I live in an area that doesn’t accept USPS deliveries. Can you send via UPS or Fedex for me?  At this time, we're only set up to ship via USPS.

I recently placed an order and I did not receive my package. What do I do? 
99% of the time, your notice was just blown or fell off of your door & it's waiting at your local main branch of the post office, because we do not let any package be left with out a signature. Just call them up with your tracking# and name and they will help you. All packages are track-able online.


How can I be sure about the condition of the clothing I'm buying?  We have many ways for you to know exactly what condition your clothing will be in. All vintage clothing, no matter where you buy them from, will have some issues even if it's labeled Near Mint. Most of our clothing is 50 to 100 or more years old.

1. Photos: On the items page we show up close photos of flaws, if any. Some may be so small they don't show up in pics. Rarely will it have major flaws as we just simply don't sell clothing with major flaws, if they do they'll be in the Discount Rack. But even small flaws, we try to show in photos unless they're inside or so minor they don't effect the wearing of the item. If a small flaw is on an important area, like the bust, we always tell & or show you.
2. Description: We also describe, as clearly as possible, in detail any issues in the "Condition Details" section above the photos.
3. Chart & Info Page: It's very important to familiarize yourself with the Condition Chart on the SIZING + FIT page. This chart is an industry standard & 99% of all vintage stores go by it. We give all clothing a rating, for example "Excellent". The chart will explain what each rating means. There's an explanation as to how we rate & sizing info too on the Clothing Info page. Links are at the bottom of every page.

Lastly, If you're not sure just email us with any questions we're happy to explain. If you only want brand new condition then vintage clothing is probably not for you. Once in a while, because we're human, we may miss something small, it may get lost in the folds of a skirt or there will be a faint color variation we couldn't see especially during the flash photography. If we do make a mistake we always fix them. We have been around 10 years & are so successful because we're honest & have great stuff! We want everyone to be happy so they come back. Just politely email us to work it out. You can always return clothing you don't like for any reason so no worries there. But it is rare, we let bad flaws go since we have 2 to 3 people who look over each item before it goes out the door, & we photograph all items flaws & details thoroughly for our own protection.

Do you clean your clothing?  Yes. We hand wash whenever possible and dry clean when the fabric won't allow water. WE ONLY USE NON TOXIC NATURAL SOAPS & EARTH FRIENDLY DRY CLEANING. We also repair any holes, loose seams, etc... Sometimes we miss small & or faint things because we're human but we try our hardest to get them out in the best possible condition. We're not professional restoration people but we also will not sell anything that's in too bad of shape. We always run a lint roller over them and steam everything before we wrap it in tissue for shipping. Sometimes shipping can cause wrinkles, we can't control that but try to avoid it as much as we can. The only exception to this rule are some delicate 20's or older fabrics that can not be dry cleaned or hand washed. This clothing is rare but we do get them in once in a while. With these we spot clean and advertise it as-is.

Where do you get your vintage clothing?  We have many sources but through my grandmothers connections in the fashion world we acquired an abandoned warehouse full of stock from the 30's 40's 50's 60's 70's, a few years before starting our site. Fortunately they were mostly all designer and adorable since we hand pick everything that is on Posh Girl. We buy from you guys too.

Do you buy vintage clothing?  Yes we do! It depends mainly on the style & condition. Email us clear photos to: Shop (at) PoshGirlVintage (dot) com - & a list of all flaws. If the clothing is the style & quality we're looking for right now you can then send us the items, we'll check them out & buy the ones we like and send back the ones we don't want along with a check for the items we purchased. All shipping charges (to & from) are the responsibility of the seller. 

I'm not sure if the item I want will fit or I don't understand American sizes. How do I find out?  Rest assured you can always return your clothing, but first, we have all kinds of info about sizes  & measurement charts for USA & European clothing sizes on our SIZING + FIT page (link at bottom of every page). We do not use size numbers anymore. They're too confusing because they vary so much. We only go by inches. The best way to tell if it will fit is to compare the measurements in inches to a similar clothing item you already own that fits you. Lay your item flat and measure as we show on the size chart (across). Feel free to email us with any questions. Please remember we give the fabrics size not yours. You'll need to be a bit smaller than the size we state in order to fit comfortably. Some of our items have size numbers but we have stopped using them, please go by the inches.


Why are most of your dresses so small?  People were smaller back then. Our diets are different now, we eat more protein & processed food, so we're taller & bigger. Also women were getting married younger back then so their clothing was a bit more mature. It's as simple as that.

Are these new items & do they come in other sizes?  99% of our items are authentic vintage clothing items only from the time period listed on them. Mostly they are one of a kind and are only the size stated. 95% of the time our vintage clothing were previously owned & worn. We have just started adding reproduction dresses and they are marked as new and will have 3 size options. Please read the condition description on every item.