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1960's Saks Fifth Ave. Little Black Dress -M

We love vintage Saks Fifth Avenue anything! But especially their dresses. This is a classic 60's little black dress. The skirt has long wide flowy panels or fringe. It's not really fringe in the classic sense but sort of...they are 1 3/4" wide. Zips in back, has darts, fitted. You know it's well made when it's from Saks. This is a classic that will never go out of fashion and you'll also never have to worry about someone else showing up in the same dress. This is a very rare style. So chic and so posh!

  • Item #: BD348
  • Era: 1960's
  • Size: Medium
  • Condition: Better Than Excellent
  • Fabric: Unlabeled- rayon?

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