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1920's Silk Piano Shawl Black - HUGE

Here's an amazing and so gorgeous black silk antique / vintage piano shawl from the 20's. These were popular during the flapper era and sometimes used as or made into coats & jackets. This one obviously went over a very big piano. Gorgeously embroidered floral design in bright colors. The condition is rare. Both shawls came from the same estate the lady had them all her life. This one is huge, very heavy and rare.

Condition Details: No holes or stains. This would be MINT if it were not for the tiny bit of general wear just from being nearly 85 or 90 years old or more. A snag here and there is all. Non missing embroidery. End of fringe has minor wear.  No fading.

Label: None

Size: Silk is aprox. 64" X 64" plus 22" for the fringe

  • Item #: VA101
  • Era: 1920's
  • Size: Extra-Large
  • Condition: Near Mint
  • Fabric: Silk

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