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1950's Long Leather Vintage Gloves Opera Length

We look high & low for interesting clothing & vintage gloves, especially really long ones. These fit the bill. They're mid 50's vintage kid leather gloves that are very long, opera length, meaning they go well past the most elbows. The color on these is especially neat. A sort of mottled dark brown...originally black. They're great for photos too, as well as worn out at night with the right outfit. They are not really suited for a very proper formal gown because of the color and condition. They have a bit too much wear on them to be worn to a formal black & white ball, for example but they look very cool for photo shoots, fetish wear, jeans, etc.

Condition Details: The gloves themselves are strong & sturdy, no tears, holes, or loose seams at all. There is some wear to the buttons you may want to replace them depending on what you use them for. They were died black originally in the 50's you can tell this because of the inside button holes are black lined. The color has faded over the years but that is one of the reasons we chose them, they look cool.

Label: Not readable

Size: Stamped inside 6 3/4

Total length:  22.5" end to end

Wrist:  2 3/4" - Across while laying flat

Knuckles:  2 3/4" - Across while laying flat

Middle Finger Length: 3.5"

Arm opening: 5.25" - Across while laying flat

  • Item #: A260
  • Era: 1950's
  • Size: Medium
  • Condition: Excellent
  • Fabric: Kid Leather

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