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  • Posh Girl Vintage.com is a very safe site secured with an SSL through GoDaddy.com & a payment processor through Wells Fargo & Verisign for the best protection of your information.
  • We work regular business hours Monday Through Fri and some Saturdays. We usually return emails within hours same day.

Contact us:

Email: shop (at) poshgirlvintage (dot) com








  • All items are sold in As Described condition & returnable for store credit only with the exception of a few select wedding dresses on a case by case basis. Please email us before hand.  These dresses are returnable for a refund less a 10% restock fee  - See RETURN POLICY for all the details.


  • Store Credit is good forever & we will happily go out & shop for what you're looking for, if we don't have anything you like at the moment. Just send us photos, descriptions & sizes of what you want & we'll hunt it down!
  • We're a small family business. We give personal attention and know most of our regular customers & what they like. We even go out on shopping trips for special requests or look for items in our warehouse that we think they would like.
  • We can not hold or reserve items -  They're not held for you until they're paid for. It ties up stock for people who really want or need it. Putting items in your cart does not hold them people can still buy them while they are in your cart. Items are held after payment is made & item is automatically marked as SOLD after payment.
  • Lingerie is not returnable due to sanitary reasons.
  • We gladly accept returns on anything over $65.00 for a store credit. Items $65.00 & under are not returnable. Shipping charges are not refundable.
  • We only ship to the name & address on credit cards. If address does not match the one on the card the banks computer will automatically decline the order. 
  • The measurements we list are the items fabric size - not the wearers. See our SIZING + FIT page for all details & charts that show how we measure.
  • CONDITION: Our clothing is actual vintage or antique clothing from 30 to over 100 years old, & will have a varied degree of wear from near mint condition to well worn. Refer to the CONDITION CHART on top of the SIZING + FIT page for details. Most items will have minor flaws from age and having been used before, some of our clothing are unworn new old stock with tags still attached but even still they will usually have minuscule flaws just from age.
  • A NOTE ABOUT CONDITION DEFINITIONS & STAINS: Most of our items are labeled as EXCELLENT (or Near Mint) & our condition chart explains what each label means. But we would like to make a clarification on stains. 98% of the time our clothing condition details says: "No holes or stains" and this is true. We don't think it's nice to wear something with a spot right on the chest or front where everyone can see it. We wouldn't wear it & would never expect anyone else to either, so we would not sell it, unless it's in the discount rack &/or with big photos of the flaw & describe it fully! But sometimes there are very tiny faint spots or specks on the back and bottom of a skirt hem, for one example, or on the inside liner that's covered by the outer layer, then we would still sell it & either mention it in the description or if it's truly not noticeable then we will not mention it at all (if it's faint & small enough) and still state: "No holes or stains" on the details page. Most all, about 99%, of vintage clothing in the world has a few small flaws here and there.


  • We pride ourselves, and are known for, having some of the best quality vintage clothing online & we go to great lengths to clean and repair our vintage clothing. We wear vintage in our daily lives too and shop online for it just like you guys do so we know what it's like to be disappointed & super happy when it arrives. We really want our customers to be really happy and come back!
  • We clean & repair all items before putting them up for sale. We do our best to provide our items in the best possible condition. We also simply refuse to sell anything that's poorly made or in too poor of condition to look great. All major flaws are mentioned & photographed, occasionally we will not mention minor flaws that are hidden, inside, repairs, or do not affect the item or the wearing of it. Sometimes we miss small &/or faint things because we're human. If we make a mistake we're happy to fix it. 
  • If you only want mint brand spanking new condition then vintage clothing is probably not for you as it has been around for at least 40 to over 100 years. Some of our vintage is truly mint and it will be labeled as NEAR MINT because all vintage is not brand new and we want you to be happy. Please email us before you order if you are really picky so we can explain more if you need more info.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone we feel is being rude, dishonest, etc...
  • We process orders during regular business hours. If you place an order on  Fri, Sat or Sun it will start processing on Monday. It takes about 3 business days to get it in the mail but sometimes we can get it in there the same day...we do try. Usually it is less than 3 days but sometimes a bit longer. If you need item by a certain date please put that in the comment box & we'll try to get it out ASAP. Choose Express if you need it fast! YOU MUST COMMUNICATE WITH US DIRECTLY IF YOU NEED ORDER BY A CERTAIN DATE or PLEASE PUT NOTES IN THE COMMENT SECTION ON YOUR ORDER.
  • DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON (NOV, DEC, & 1st part of JAN.) SOMETIMES WE GET SLOWED DOWN ON THE SHIPPING. So please communicate with us if you need your order by a certain date. We close down & celebrate all major holidays. It might take 4 or 5 days to get orders in the mail, instead of 3 days, if we get swamped so please let us know we will make every effort to get it to you on time.


  • If you pay by snail mail a valid tracking # and carrier info. must be given to us within 2 days of when you placed your order. Please communicate / email with us right after placing a Money Order or Western union order to let us know how & when you will be paying or we will not know if order was abandoned & we may just delete it.
  • California residents must pay sales tax.
  • All of our Terms & Policies & Info links are at the bottom of every page: Returns, How To Order, Terms Of Use, FAQ,  Sizing + Fit, etc...
  • We're human & sometimes make mistakes or have email misunderstandings so please let us know, & we'll make every effort to fix our mistake. We're as friendly as you are. Thanks so much :)









  1. When you find an item you want, click on the daisy Add To Bag button.
  2. When you're ready to pay: FOR USA , THE UK & CANADA click the DAISY CHECKOUT button - For all other countries click the ORANGE INTERNATIONAL CHECKOUT button to pay with Paypal or credit cards.
  3. Log into your account or make a new account.
  4. Choose your payment method, enter your info, & check the box at the bottom that states you have read & agree to our policies (order can not be placed with out it) and then click Continue Checkout.
  5. Go over order info make sure it's all OK & Click CONFIRM ORDER - Make sure you click only ONE time.
  6. You'll then get an order # & automated email receipt with your order info.




  • FOREIGN ORDERS can use Credit Cards & Paypal through International Checkout -  They're a well respected 3rd party business that specializes in processing foreign orders safely for small USA based businesses. They handle all shipping charges for your orders -  www.internationalcheckout.com
  • Money Orders & Cashiers checks drawn from a US bank - Must clear & be verified for 2 weeks before we ship.
  • Western Union - Payment must be sent to us within 2 days of your order then order ships right away - They charge a small fee for their service - EMAIL US 1st for Western Union payment instructions
     -- www.westernunion.com/ 
  • US Cash sent by registered mail - ships right away





Store credits are good forever & if there's something specific you're looking for  we make a real effort to go out & try to find it if we don't have it in our warehouse. Like your own personal shopper!  

    1.    Log into your account first. To use a store credit for the 1st time, put items in your cart then click on the daisy checkout button that will take you to the payment option page on your order. 
    2.    Enter your redemption code in the box marked "Gift Certificate / Store Credit" (The Discount Coupon box is for sales).  You only need to enter a code one time. Store credits work like a checking account. When you redeem it that means you deposited the money into your Posh Girl Store Credit account... It's cash money in your PGV bank. Then click on the update button with the flower and it will add your money to your account& will show you your available balance below it.
    3.    To use Store Credit funds already in your account: Type the dollar amount you wish to apply to your order in the box that says 'Apply Amount' (The apply amount box only shows up when you have money in your store credit account). You do not need to click the UPDATE button.
    4.    Then choose a payment method:  If your balance is more than what you have in your store credit account you can pay it with a card or Paypal, etc.  
    5.    IF YOU HAVE ENOUGH OF A STORE CREDIT TO PAY THE ENTIRE ORDER click MONEY ORDER button as payment method. This is the same as saying you do not need any other payment added on to your order.
    6.    Next click the Terms & Condition box after you read our policies (Please make sure you read our return & other policies so there's no surprises later on) .
    7.    Lastly  click the Confirm Order button to apply the funds to your order. Credit amount will show on your order receipt where the total & shipping charges are.

We really want you to be happy so If there are any questions or somethings not clear please email us so we can help.





Two Lay-A-Way Options: 


  1. $200 to $499.00: You pay 1/2 of the order total up front & the remaining 1/2 in 30 days.
  2.  $500.00 & above: You pay 1/3 of the total order up front & have up to 60 days to pay balance in 1 or 2 more installments.



  • If you do not complete the sale all deposits are applied to a store credit for you to use later (They're good forever). Sorry no exceptions. It ties up our stock for others.
  • All shipped items that were put on Lay-A-Way are not returnable.
  • One lay-a-way order at a time per customer.
  • No exchanging items after layaway is started. 
  • No more than 3 items at a time please.
  • Available to both USA & foreign orders -  with the exception of International Checkout users.



  1. Place your order & choose Money Order as your payment option.
  2. In the COMMENT BOX: Type "Lay-A-Way" along with all of your credit card info. (it's safe & encrypted) IMPORTANT: You must put credit card info in the COMMENT BOX ONLY - NOT in the payment info section or it will charge your card in full like a regular order. --INCLUDE: 3 digit code on back of card, & expiration date - address must match cards billing address or it will decline.
  3. Make sure your phone number is included so we can call you to arrange payment, if needed.
  4. We'll then charge your order manually in increments.



HOW TO PLACE Western Union or Money Order LAY-A-WAYS: 



  1. Add items to your bag & click the DAISY Checkout Button
  2. Choose Money Order as your payment option.
  3. Type "LAYAWAY" & any other info you want us to know, in the comment box then click Submit Order.
  4. You'll receive an order# & receipt right after you submit order.
  5. We'll email you to give you exact payment instructions, but please email us to communicate.
  6. You'll have 2 days from the date on your order to send payment. A valid tracking# needs to be emailed to us to show you have sent payment.
  7. IMPORTANT: Please communicate with us so we know the order was not abandoned or it will get deleted & returned to stock. Email us to let us know when & how you're sending payment.


  • You must send us a valid tracking # within 2 days of your order date for all money order payments sent in the mail - Money Orders MUST BE DRAWN ON A US BANK ONLY - NO foreign M.O.'s or checks! You can send Money Gram or western union. They will be verified & clear the bank for 2 weeks before item is shipped. Western union wire transfer is best way to pay... fast and safest for both parties.


  • For Western Union payments email us the Transfer Control# within 2 days -  Please email us to get payment instructions.





Payments We Accept:


  • Western Union
  • NON USA CREDIT CARDS must go thru International Checkout :
  • International Checkout is the name of a well respected 3rd party company. They allow us to safely accept foreign credit cards, Paypal accounts & most all other payment methods by verifying payments for us.The shipping charges are calculated by them only (They charge a high shipping rate, that's how they get paid for their services, no other fees are added) We ship the items to them then they ship them to you.

HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER using International Checkout


  • Put all items you want in your shopping bag & click the ORANGE International Checkout BUTTON & follow instructions.


International Checkout is a well respected & separate company from Posh Girl Vintage. They process foreign credit cards for US businesses. The shipping charges are calculated by them only (They charge a high shipping rate, that's how they charge for their services, no other fees are added) We ship items to them then they ship them to you.

All international shipments processed thru International Checkout are subject to their terms and conditions.

Posh Girl Vintage, LLC is not responsible for any claims arising from orders processed thru International Checkout.
If you have questions about your shipping charges, billing or to view their terms & conditions, you need to contact them directly but we're happy to help you with any questions or problems.



HOW TO PLACE AN ORDER using Western Union:


  1. Add items to your shopping bag & click check out button
  2. Choose the Money Order option for payment method
  3. Type in the comment box "Western Union" & any other info you want us to know.
  4. We will send you a confirmation email with instructions to pay ASAP / same day. Western Union payments need to be addressed to the name we send you in your confirmation email.
  5. After you receive the instructions please reply to the email ASAP so we know the order is not abandoned.  
  6. Payment must be made within 2 daysYou can use your credit card or checking account to send payment through WESTERN UNION - www.westernunion.com -  or call them over the phone to send payment.

They charge a small fee based on the amount you send.







  • We ship worldwide
  • We use USPS boxed Priority or Express with insurance & signature confirmation.
  • If you request it we will try, but can not promise, same day or next day shipping  - If you need items by a certain date please type that in the COMMENT BOX on the order & if you need it right away buy Express.  Express is usually overnight to 2 days after it goes in the mail. There's a processing time on all orders before they go in the mail but we really do try to get Express orders out right away.
  • Payments must clear before we ship & there's aprox. a 72 hour, or less, processing time before your order is shipped, during business hours - even with Express - Sometimes it's much less, sometimes a little more, depending on the time of year and how busy we are. If you place an order on the weekend processing time starts on Monday morning.
  • If you need your items by a certain date please type that in the order comment box & we'll try our hardest, to get it out right away, especially if it's Express.
  • DURING THE HOLIDAY SEASON (NOV, DEC, & 1st part of JAN.) SOMETIMES WE GET SLOWED DOWN ON THE SHIPPING. So please communicate with us if you need your order by a certain date. We close down & celebrate all major holidays. It might take 4 or 5 days to get orders in the mail, instead of 3 days, if we get swamped so please let us know we will make every effort to get it to you on time.
  • We will not ship uninsured or untraceable & all items require a signature. The package will be held at the post office for you to pick up with proper ID if no one is home to sign.

Contact us:

Email: shop (at) poshgirlvintage (dot) com
ichat: poshgirlvintage